Monday, July 20, 2015

Netroots Nation Boos Presidential Candidates

One of Sean Trende's dicta is that political coalitions always fall apart. As he wrote in an February 2015 article on the "emerging Democratic majority" thesis:
In the end, political coalitions in a large, diverse republic such as our own are, and always have been, inherently unstable. Issues that bind groups together in one election disappear, while new issue cleavages threaten to break groups off. Coalitions are ultimately like water balloons: When you press down on one side, another side pops up. The Democratic coalition of the late aughts proves to be no exception.
First, the "Out" party forms a coalition of the disaffected that bury their differences in their common hatred of the cruel and unjust "In" party. They combine under the banner of Time for a Change and soon become the "In" party. But after a couple of presidential elections things haven't really changed, and the members of the new "In" party coalition fall to bickering -- about everything from who got what. They start to realize that they never liked those guys anyway.

Yet if you are a conservative and a Republican it seems, from the outside, that the Democrats maintain an astonishing party discipline. How come our guys never seem to get it together?

But here is cheering news. The latest Netroots conference showed that the Democrats' "Coalition of the Fringes" (H/T Steve Sailer) is starting to get badly frayed.

According to Rachel Alexander the main problem was that a group of black activists weren't having no truck with the idea that all lives matter.
[Martin] O’Malley began his speech talking about the need for ending private prisons and income inequality... [But] about 30 protesters streamed into the auditorium, chanting “Black Lives Matter” and yelling, “What are you doing to stop the killing of black men?” The protesters stopped his speech, and one took over the microphone for 15 minutes.
Then O'Malley resumed his speech with the notion that
“Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.”
That stopped the speech. The Netrooters weren't having anything like that.
They booed until O’Malley left the stage, with one woman standing on a chair screaming, “Burn this s**t down!” 
Then came Bernie Sanders, and he didn't do any better.
[Sanders] yelled as loud as he could, and the activists yelled over him while he said, “Black people are dying because we have a criminal justice system in this country that is out of control.” CNN reporter Chris Moody noted that when Sanders brought up Obamacare, people shouted, "We can't afford that!" 
Yay! The Netrooters have decided that they don't like Obamacare. Of course, what they want instead is "single-payer" which they could afford but which probably deliver a lot in the way of bureaucracy but wouldn't deliver too much in the way of health care.

But you know what I think? I think that the Obama administration's "Black Lives Matter" campaign is going to ream the Democrats in 2016. It's a slogan you want to confine to your visits to black underclass communities. You don't want to bother the 87% of people who are not black about it.

And it's all lies anyway. If you really care about black lives you'd start with the 70% of black children that start out life without a married father and mother. Then you'd proceed to the problem of gangs which amount to proto-states that the governments tolerate within their boundaries. What is the world is any self-respecting government doing allowing any rival state, such as a criminal gang, within its borders? Then you have the problem that ordinary citizens won't testify in court against gang members because of intimidation. Then you have the problem that the police a reduced to arresting gang members for minor "broken window" violations. Then you'd go onto education. Then you'd start to think about how all the "redlining" and "affordable housing" policies have ended up screwing blacks.

If you thought about all that you might have a problem with the rent-a-mobs yelling "Black Lives Matter" as though the problem were just a question of police brutality.

All is proceeding as Sean Trende has foreseen. After seven years of Obama the Obama coalition is starting to fall apart.

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