Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why are Liberals in a Blather Over Gender?

If you are a conservative then gender is pretty simple. Or as they say nowadays, binary. There is male and there is female, and that's all there is to say, except vive la difference.

But liberals are in a complete blather about gender, insisting on the one side that gender is not binary, but multifaceted, and on the other side that cisgendered white males are the very devil.

What is going on here?

I think that my three stage theory of humans explains everything.

On my view there are three kinds of people. There are the People of the Subordinate Self, the peasants, serfs, and victims of the world. They experience themselves as helpless and naturally seek to attach themselves to a powerful lord. They are clients to a great patron. We know who they are: women, minorities, rank-and-file Democratic voters.

Then there are the People of the Responsible Self, the responsible individuals that follow the rules, go to work, and obey the law. These people think they they are responsible for making their way in the world on their own and they understand that to do this they must serve other people, spouses, children, communities, and consumers. It's up to each individual to figure out how to contribute to society and thus earn a living.

Finally, there are the People of the Creative Self, people who believe that meaning in life comes from work of a creative endeavor. You cannot just go to work and follow the rules; you must create your own work, and discover your own rules, for otherwise you are just a routinist and a mass man.

In my view, it is easy to be a subordinate self; anyone can give up and become a victim. It is challenging, but rewarding, to become a responsible self. Most people are up to the challenge of responsibility. But it is very hard to be a successful creative person. The reason is simple: many are called, but few are chosen.

In our modern America, as I've written before, the nation is divided into two cultural/political camps. On one side are the People of the Responsible Self and they identify as conservatives, libertarians, Christians, Republicans. On the other side is a coalition of the People of the Creative Self and the People of the Subordinate Self and they identify as liberals, progressives, atheists, victims, Democrats.

In the old days liberals and progressives were proudly elitist and served their subordinate clients as great lords, but the strain, the stress as we like to say, was unbearable. That's because the life of a person truly dedicated to the creative life is remarkably challenging.

So liberals came up with a cunning plan. Instead of living lives of true creativity they would live lives of ersatz creativity. They would get get tenure in universities and churn out ersatz scholarship; they would get creative on gender, faking life as creative people. But above all they would reimagine themselves as victims, and they would partake also of life as subordinate people. They would create and inhabit dozens of sexual or gender identities and also pose as helpless victims of the white patriarchy.

Now you understand what all the Title IX rape crisis is about. Now you understand what all the gay marriage thing is about. Now you understand the whole Bruce/Caitlin Jenner media mega-splosion.

But it's all a lie, and the worst kind of lie: the lie people tell themselves.

The most creative thing that most people can ever hope for is to create and raise a clutch of children. A few people get to create new mechanical contraptions; a few people get to create new abstract concepts. But the most that the overwhelming majority of people can hope for is the responsible task of searching out a mate, creating and raising children with that mate, and leaving the world a better place than they found it.

But we humans are forever tempted by squirrels! We are forever getting distracted from the hard work of making a living and caring for those we love. We are forever imagining what might have been, what could have been, what should have been, given a couple of breaks.

And of course when we have power, cultural and political power, we get corrupted by that power, and we declare that our sordid little appetites and oppressions are actually noble and grand.

Usually we only fool ourselves, like our liberal friends in America, right here, right now.

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