Thursday, June 11, 2015

When the Ruling Class Defines Humor It Isn't Humor

We are having a little ruction this week about Jerry Seinfeld. He's been saying that he can't do colleges any more because the students are so politically correct.

Even his 14-year-old daughter has caught the bug, telling her mother "that's sexist!"

So a "politically correct" student writes a response so correct that, surely, it has to be a parody.

The official line of the liberal bullies is that it is wrong to make fun of women and minorities because they don't have the power. This is in the same chapter as the line the blacks can't be racist because they don't have the power.

Here is liberal Dean Obaidallah:
Where Seinfeld and I disagree is that I don't see "political correctness" as being inherently bad -- unless it goes way overboard. To me, "political correctness" is about being respectful to minorities -- be it based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.
Quite so. Except that political correctness doesn't work that way. It's more about liberals saying "you will be respectful to minorities who vote Democrat or you will lose your job." Which is a bit different.

When we unpack this and recall that the Democratic Party is an over-under coalition of the powerful and the marginalized, you can see thatit all makes sense. The PC brigade are really saying "You cannot make fun of our political clients." Which is what the ruling class has been doing since time out of mind.

Laughter and humor, of course, are mysteries. Why do humans laugh and make jokes? Let us just suggest that they play a part in the drama of human sociality.

Back in the day when liberals thought of themselves as cultural underdogs, oppressed by the Puritans and the WASPs, we were told that humor and satire were important tools for the oppressed to speak truth to power. But that was then. That was when liberals could get political advantage out of humor and satire. But now that liberals are politically and especially culturally dominant, now you're not allowed to make fun of liberals and their political clients.

Now liberals say it's OK to do humor and satire if you are "punching up" but not if you are "punching down" to e.g., Muslims.

But this is typical of liberals lying to themselves. Because when they say you can't punch down to Muslims they are really saying that you can't punch down to Muslims who are political clients of the liberals. Want to punch down to fundamentalist Christians? Perfectly OK. Want to punch down to white crackers like Honey Boo Boo? Go right ahead. Want to sneer at NASCAR fans? No problem.

But, as usual, liberals are their own worst enemies. Back in the day, kings used to have court jesters. "There is no slander in an allowed fool, though he do nothing but rail." The rulers can't afford to cut off all feedback from their subjects; they need to know what is bubbling away down there.

But liberals keep narrowing the Overton Window about what you are allowed to say in America. And they are becoming more and more specific about demanding that we care about liberal agenda items.

The result is that liberals don't have a clue about what Americans think and feel. Too bad. When you are a ruling class and you shut yourself off from feedback and deny the right of the people to petition the government about their grievances, and forbid the people to laugh at the rulers and their little darlings you are not just unjust rulers, you are fools.

When you forbid your subjects to laugh at you and your political clients there is a good chance that you won't be a ruling class for much longer.

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