Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey Millennials! Have I Got A Deal for You!

Everybody knows that Millennials looove the Democrats. Because gay marriage, or something.

But millennials are discouraged and demoralized. No jobs and punishing student debt.

Do you realize where no jobs and punishing debt come from? You should. A lousy economy and punishing student debt come from Democrats.

Let me explain.

The Democratic Party stands athwart the free-market economy saying Stop. That's because the Democratic Party stands for the following notions that really screw young people trying to get started in life.

  • Entitlements Forever. You've been told that Social Security and Medicare are the best things since sliced bread. And so they were, for the first generation that enjoyed them. But now you chaps are stuck with the bill. Republicans stand for reform of entitlements, which will help millennials.
  • Government Employee Pensions Forever. If you are wondering why the roads are a mess and that your school fees are so high, there is one overriding reason. Democratic politicians have promised pensions, payable by you, to their loyal Democratic-voting government employees at all levels of government. Republicans don't owe these folks a dime.
  • Student Debt Forever. Sounds like a groovy idea. Borrow money from the government to finance your education. The only problem is that the higher education industry took the money and hiked their fees and hired a bunch of administrators that make things worse. And, of course, as you know, student debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.
Now I have a suggestion for you millennials. Forget cool. Forget progressives and social liberal rubbish. Forget the Democrats.  Think about Republicans, who stand, despite everything you have heard from your teachers and from your cool friends and from social media, for people without political connections, without a comfortable sinecure, without showers of subsidies for fashionable gentry liberal enthusiasms. Think about a party that, stupidly and blindly, actually represents your interests instead of misleading you with coolness and social media.

In conversation with Hugh Hewitt the other day, the blowhard Donald Trump called for new leadership in America, a cheerleader that would inject a new optimism into America and Americans. Their conversation made me realize how singularly lacking President Obama has been in the optimism department. And they agreed with each other that the way to get the attention of millennials would be in the matter of college costs and student debt.

What would you millennials think of a presidential candidate that proposed to "do something" about spiraling college costs and crushing student debt?

Just don't look for a Democratic candidate to do much about the cost of education. You see, millennials, the most central part of the Democratic Party base is the education blob, professors and adminstrators, that has grown fat and sleek on government subsidies for education and unlimited student debt.

But hey, we still have a secret ballot. So you millennials can vote what you want and don't have to admit anything to your cool friends and your social media buddies.

Meanwhile just think about which side your millennial bread is buttered. Whether it makes sense to vote for the party of privilege and patronage, or the party of people building lives for themselves. And whether it is Time for a Change, to mend the torn and divided and demoralized America that has come out of the much advertised Hope and Change of 2008.

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