Thursday, May 28, 2015

Will Demographic "Diversity" End in Tears?

All across the world different races and religions are mixing it up as never before.

Well, maybe not. Hey, maybe things were more mixed up in the Roman and the Ottoman Empires than right now. But never mind: we all think that the races and the cultures are mixing it up like never before.

Against that the lands of the former Ottoman Empire right now are sorting into silos like mad in massacres and genocides.

In his new book By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission Charles Murray is sanguine about this, at least as far as America is concerned. The United States, he tells us, was always a diverse nation, starting from the founding from Albion's Seed when the four British groups, Yankees, Quakers, Cavaliers, and Scots-Irish, didn't like each other at all. That was followed by German and Irish immigration, and then southern and eastern European immigration. And don't forget the Swedes!

Of course, everyone right now is terrified by ISIS and Islam in Europe. That's when they aren't terrified by Hispanic immigration to the US or black thugs in Baltimore or alternatively racist police in any inner city! My favorite professional firebrand Vox Day notes four different outcomes of "the demographic destruction of Anglo-Saxon America."
a) subjection and eventual elimination of minorities,
b) subjection and eventual elimination of the majority,
c) partition,
d) ethnic subsumption.

For various reasons, I expect (c) to be the most likely in the USA and (a) to be the most likely in Europe.
There's only one problem with this analysis: capitalism. I think that the great story of the last 200 years is the frantic effort of the left to keep people in their national and class and race silos in the face of capitalism mixing them up. That's why Marx had to predict that capitalism would "immiserate" the working class. That's why the Frankfurt School had to invent cultural Marxism to reimagine the working-class vicitms as race and gender victims. That's why the Democrats had to restart immigration in the 1960s. Unless they all acted right now the people would be converted by the Great Enrichement into contented middle-class cows with no interest in race, class, and gender wars.

Why did they do this and try to angry everyone up? Because if you leave people alone in capitalism the penniless immigrants will mostly turn into doctors and lawyers if you give them a generation or two of peace and prosperity. And that would be the end of left-wing reactionary politics, the totalitarian impulse to reduce everything to government. That's why President Obama and his minions are working overtime trying to "angry up" African Americans. That's why the feminists are trying to divide the sexes on college campi with their "rape culture" lies. Otherwise all those folks will eventually wander into the middle class and not respond to race appeals.

Here's Joel Kotkin showing what is happening out there in America under the radar of the racist-sexist mainstream media. The three major minority groups, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, all do fine when they get out of blue states.
We found, for all three major minority groups, that the best places were neither the most liberal in their attitudes nor had the most generous welfare programs. Instead they were located primarily in regions that have experienced broad-based economic growth, have low housing costs, and limited regulation.
And don't forget that, except for blacks, everyone else is interracially dating and intermarrying like mad.

Don't forget that the public school system is a ruthless homogenizer. Don't forget that for the 50 percent of people that go to college, they tend to "lose their religion" and become middle-class professionals. Don't forget that for the 100 million or so working in the private sector, cooperation and trust and teamwork is the driving cultural meme. You trust and you exchange with anyone who can be trusted. The idea is to be friends with everyone. Otherwise you lose.

Nobody can know the outcome of the great mixing of the races of the current era. Politicians may rile the groups up into global thermonuclear war. On the other hand there is the relentless cultural force of capitalism: the guy with the biggest market share and the biggest economy wins.

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