Friday, February 20, 2015

The Entire Left Adrift in Denial

Peggy Noonan, America's intelligent aunt, usually tells us where the zeitgeist is. This week she calls out the Obamis as "An Administration Adrift on Denial." She writes about "willful denials and dodges" and mindless talk about "root causes" and "lack of opportunity for jobs."

Actually, I get it. As the airline safety guys say: when aircrew experience an emergency, they instinctively follow their training.

Same thing with community organizers and lefty activists. "Root causes" and relative deprivation is what they learn in activism school. Their silly shibboleths explain everything for them. So this week the Obama administration stages a White House Summit on Violent Extremism opening with a Muslim prayer.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Look, I get it. The left, since its inception with the Communist Manifesto has been pushing an impossible idea.  The left argued that the working class in 1848, then in an epochal transition from rural indigence to urban prosperity, were the most outrageously exploited group in human history. Under the flawed exploitation of the bourgeoisie the workers would sink into "immiseration."

So of course when the going gets tough the left looks like idiots.

Since the 1840s billions of peasants have made the transition from rural poverty  to urban competence, and still the left insists that our times are the worst thing since the Crusades and the Inquisition.

Right  now the folks making the transition are the world's Muslims. Achieving strategic concentration in the cities of Europe they are enraged, as groups before them, with their backwardness and the shame of their situation as struggling immigrants.

So time after time, the left encourages a group recently arrived in the city with approval for tribalism and clientism, assuring them that they can continue their tribal ways in the non-tribal world of the city. The young men form criminal gangs and the left whines about police brutality. Eventually it all works out in spite of the left as the young men get jobs, get married, and learn how to thrive in the city.

Look, I get it. We middle-class whiteys don't want to get too rough and tough with the Muslims in our cities, and we don't want to have to sweep across the Middle East cleaning out nests of crazed rapists and beheaders. Meanwhile the huge dust-pile of the welfare state with its benefits, its taxes, its credentialism, its crony corruption, its regulations makes it hard for the new immigrants to make a new life for themselves.

Here at home President Obama and his supporters look like idiots for denying the obvious, that the West has a problem with Muslims enraged by their backwardness and their marginalization and their failed states.

And I couldn't be happier.

That's because the world is working the way it should. The ruling class screws up yet again and eventually, at the last moment, the people vote for a new administration to clean up the mess. Because this is America, and in America we do the right thing, but only after trying everything else.

The confusion, the mess, the denial, the lies, the evasions, the stupidity: they are all necessary stages on the way to a solution.

The glorious destiny of Barack Obama is to screw up in such an epic scale that nobody except a mind-numbed Democratic partisan will fail to see that in 2016, it will be Time for a Change.

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