Friday, February 13, 2015

"Questions Linger" about Scott Walker

Just like everyone else, I couldn't resist the headline at Drudge and the cute picture and clicked over to the Washington Post's breathless article by David A. Farenthold on the unanswered questions about GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker's college career: "As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit."

Oh no! What could it be? What shameful and hidden scandal could have caused Scott Walker to leave Marquette University without getting a degree?

You do know that Scott Walker doesn't have a university degree?

Yeah. It seems that Scott Walker didn't really study too hard at college. In fact he was really only interested in college politics, at which he was a failure. Then he quit and went to work for the Red Cross. And never went back.

It was amazing to watch the comments section at the WaPo, labeled "5000+", as new comments, mostly from conservatives, came in every other second. And just about every other comment wondered about President Obama's college career, about which we still know next to nothing.

Now, for me, the point of this article is obvious. As is well known, there are only two kinds of Republican candidates for president. There are the "stupid" candidates, like Ronald Reagan and Ike and George W. Bush. And then there are the "evil" candidates, like Richard Nixon.

Wait! By 2004, George W. Bush had become an "evil" candidate! So it's possible for a Republican to be both "stupid" and "evil."

You can see that the "Walker didn't finish college" meme is all about defining Scott Walker to be as dumb as a post. Liberals apparently have a need to be able to marginalize the "other" in politics, and so articles by folks like David A. Farenthold cater to that basic human need.

And just to help out, the Brits just asked Scott Walker about "evolution."

Do you wonder who will be the "evil" candidate in 2016? Wonder no more; the answer is obvious. It is Ted Cruz. The "stupid" meme doesn't work for Ted, because Ted Cruz is brilliant. Just read the "Education" section in his Wiki article. Princeton, debate star, Harvard Law: Alan Dershowitz called him "off-the-charts brilliant." So it stands to reason that Cruz is "evil."

But if you ask me, "questions linger" about why liberal journalists at the mainstream media always find it necessary to do this kind of article about GOP rising stars. And why liberals, the tolerant ones, always need to instruct their charges in the "stupidity" or the "evil" of GOP political frontrunners.

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