Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Liberals Screw Up and Nothing Happens

Guess what: it's the 50th anniversary of Pat Moynihan's report on "The Negro Family" and its firestorm.
Moynihan argued that the rise in single-mother families was not due to a lack of jobs but rather to a destructive vein in ghetto culture that could be traced back to slavery and Jim Crow discrimination. 
Of course this went against mainstream settled social science that "economic conditions determine social conditions," so it had to be squelched.

And Jason L.Riley at the Wall Street Journal wants to remind you about what Moynihan said.
When the report was released, about 25% of black children and 5% of white children lived in a household headed by a single mother. During the next 20 years the black percentage would double and the racial gap would widen. Today more than 70% of all black births are to unmarried women, twice the white percentage.
Since then there has been a ton of social science research that demonstrates that children of married parents are seldom poor, but children of single parents often are. Also, children of married parents seldom exhibit social pathologies; children of single parents often do. But we still have the Great Society programs that pathologized the poor.

You'd think that liberals would be hanging from lampposts for continuing the unjust subsidization of non-work and single parenthood and the ruin of millions of lives, but they haven't.

Here's Kevin Williamson reviewing Peter J. Wallison's history of the mortgage meltdown, Hidden in Plain Sight. No it wasn't deregulation; it was regulators allowing "financial firms to park certain holdings off balance sheet." No it wasn't Fed easy money; the bubble started in the 1990s. The culprit was the easing of lending standards.
The real problem was the collapse in lending standards, with each of the big three — borrower credit rating, size of down payment, and borrower debt-to-income ratio — eroding practically overnight.
And why did that happen? Because liberals insisted, the federal government mandated, and Fannie and Freddie implemented it and then lied about it.

You'd think that liberals would be hanging from lampposts for tempting millions of low-income minorities into this wilderness of debt and ruin, but they've managed to persuade us all the "greedy bankers" did it.

Here's RedState's Moe Lane commiserating with a self-employed Obama supporter profiled in The New York Times. Her post-Obamacare health plan isn't working out. She couldn't keep her doctor; she faced higher premiums; her deductibles went up; her co-pays went up. But what really frosted her was having to drive to Connecticut for a follow-up doctor visit -- 14 miles away.

You'd think that liberals would be hanging from lampposts for screwing up the health plans of good Democratic supporters, but it seems that it's Republicans that are to blame for not supporting the president.

I suppose that we should all be encouraged. There is no way we could tell if anything were changing because in Obama's America you are not allowed to criticize Democrats on anything. Because racism, sexism, homophobia.

All you can do is vote for the most Republican Congress since the Great Depression.

It's just that I'd really like to live in an America where a politician could actually call for reform -- of entitlements, of welfare, of housing finance, of health care, of education -- without being shouted down as a bigot who wants to push grandma off a cliff or hurt little children.

And I'd like liberals to get the blame, for once, so that I could then step forward and forgive them.

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