Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gov. "Stay-on-message" Walker and America's Worries

Hey, how about that Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)? He's just penned an op-ed for USAToday. And he says that he's concerned about the problems of average citizens, not about the religion of a man he doesn't know.

It all makes me wonder if Rudi Giuliani was actually supposed to talk about the president's lack of love for America at the Walker get-acquainted session. Just to plunk Gov. Walker down in front of the target acquisition radar of the mainstream media.

Let's get down Gov. Walker's talking points, the things that he says the average people he meets are worrying about. To me, they scream "strategy" and signal what sort of a campaign he is planning to run. Here's what people are worrying about.

Worries about their children finding a job after college. Yeah. Interesting that Gov. Walker puts that at #1. I was talking with a neighbor whose daughter is just back from school with an Environmental Science degree. She's working as a waitress.

Worries about terror and ISIS. I tend to think that terror and ISIS are a bit overblown. The trouble is that there is ISIS video all over the TV news to make it look like the supposed JV guys are taking over the world.

Worries about getting back to their 2007 paycheck.  "I hear from people who lost their jobs and are back in the workforce but who still have not quite made it back to where they were before the recession — and they wonder when, or if, they'll ever get there." I'll say.

Here's how Gov. Walker sums up before he gets down to the media and the double standard:
Across party lines and state lines, Americans want America to be secure and prosperous again. And they're looking for leaders who can focus on that goal and who will get results.
I expect that this op-ed tells us everything we need to know about Gov. Walker and his campaign. He will focus on the worries people have about themselves, worries they have about their children, and worries they have about the nation. He will address how he will make America secure and how he will make it prosperous, for us and for our children.

When you think about it, that just about covers everything a politician should address when running for office.

One thing I suspect that Gov. Walker will not address: Fundamental Transformation.

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