Thursday, October 2, 2014

The TImes are Out of Joint

Hey, Mr Ebola Zero went to the hospital a week ago with a fever, told them he was from Liberia, and they sent him home.

A man entered the White House and overpowered two female agents before being stopped by an off-duty agent. Now the female head of the Secret Service has resigned, and the Secret Service is in turmoil.

Obamacare is so successful that hospitals are hiring off-network physicians in their ERs so people get to pay out-of-pocket for their ER-visit. Hospital is in-network but doctor isn't. And new enrollees for Medicaid are finding a dickens of a problem getting to see a doctor.

Oh and Islamic warriors are running wild in the Middle East.

In other words, the bureaucratic state is screwing up left and right. Hey voters!  You gotta problem with that, or are you gonna keep voting Democrat to keep those checks coming?

But what will you do when the checks stop coming?

In my view, the big problem is women voters.  Women vote for big government because they vote for the things they need to raise their children, things like education and health care.

Trouble is, government is lousy at doing education and delivering health care. See Ebola Zero above.

I don't know when the women voters are going to get the plot. Usually, it's too late, because women are too trusting. In other words, when a man says Trust Me, whether a lover, a husband, a politician, whatever, they tend to believe him until it's too late.  I don't say that in a sexist way, oh no.  I suspect that women have to be programmed that way, because Darwin.

Anyway, I'd say that the American people are in the middle of getting a wake-up call, big time.

The wake-up call basically says that everything you hear from liberals is focus-group tested rubbish.

Truth is that the authoritarian bureaucratic state is a mess and it always has been. That's because it pays people to sit around and play bureaucratic games with each other. To get people to do real work and respond to other peoples' needs you have to get them out of bureaucracies and make them responsible for results.

None of this is rocket science, but people rather like just sitting around and getting a paycheck. They prefer it to actually working for a living.

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