Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Republicans and Women

Everybody knows about the "gender gap" and how that's a problem for Republicans. Meanwhile, according to Mona Charen, Republicans just seem to throw up their hands at the problem.
Republicans, whipsawed by the results of 2012 races that featured large gender gaps, particularly among single women, and aware that women have trended Democrat for decades, seem bewildered... The candidates themselves, uncomfortable with the whole subject and wondering why they can’t just discuss the capital gains tax, mumble about how much they love their wives and eye the exits.
But when Charen gets down to first principles, she notes that women just like big government.
A CBS/New York Times poll [in 2012] asked respondents whether the United States is more successful when government emphasizes “self-reliance and individual responsibility” or “community and shared responsibility.” Among women, 37 percent chose self-reliance compared with 46 percent of men, while 55 percent of women chose community. 
This rather puts the lie to the Simone de Beauvoir's notion of the "independent woman."  And now we have the campus rape crisis, where feminists are suddenly waking up to the horror of the decades-old hookup culture where college men and women need to chug half a bottle of vodka to get the Dutch courage they need to venture out into the sexual battle zone. Where have you been for the last 50 years, ladies?

Everyone is proposing tactical political approaches to the gender-gap problem. Obviously single mothers are going to go to find resources somewhere, just as married mothers are going to tend to want their husbands relatively untaxed and unregulated so they can contribute maximum effort to their own family.

In the current situation women are obviously more inclined towards government solutions. And don't forget that liberals have unlimited access to their minds from K thru graduate school.

If we want to change things, and turn women more towards "self-reliance and individual responsibility" and to experience big government as the complete negation of "community and shared responsibility" we need to think strategically. Here are some ideas.

Break up the government school monopoly. Right now a lot of people think that spending money on schools equals helping our kids. But well-born mothers are moving away from this with home-schooling; conservatives should help boost this movement. We want to get girls away from lifer government teachers.

Chip away at the entitlement monolith. Why shovel payroll taxes from workers' wages to politicians? Shouldn't workers keep more of their own money to support their families?

Conservatives care about people.  That probably starts with memes that show that Democrats don't care about people. Think VA, Obamacare cancellations, school failures, etc.

For a conservative, it always seems that the Democrats and the liberals have the place completely dominated. And yet.

Why would Democrats need to run their "war on women" meme all the time and gin up the pay gap with a new equal pay bill every election? Maybe because they have to scare the wits out of single women to get them to the polls?

Why would the Democrats need to run their "back to Jim Crow" meme all the time to strike fear into African Americans? Could it be that without the constant application of fear that African Americans would start to drift away from the Democrats?

Back in the Cold War the Democrats were always criticizing the Cold War warriors for whipping up fear among the people. There was President Carter talking about an "inordinate fear of communism." I have to say they had a point.

But when you are desperate to win an election then any politician knows that you have to trade on fear.

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