Thursday, October 16, 2014

Every Ruling Class is Unjust

Every ruling class thinks of itself as God's gift to humanity: We must be the best and the brightest because, look, we got elected to run the country.

Back in the day, dead white males in Europe used to talk about the "white man's burden" to civilize the natives. And Brits talked about bringing the rule of law to India. Today we call them all colonial oppressors.

Our ruling class of educated liberals has a similar view of itself, as an enlightened and evolved elite that is bringing peace and social justice to white racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes.

The problem is that this kind of self-congratulatory propaganda blinds the ruling class to the ugly truth. The ugly truth is that all ruling classes cut corners, reward their supporters, harass their opponents, and generally use their power to maintain themselves in power.

There is a word for this: injustice.

And it doesn't even have to involve political power. You can commit injustice with cultural power too. Here's a story about a minor government minister in Britain having to grovel because he made the unpardonable suggestion that maybe disabled people should be exempt from the minimum wage laws. How dare he suggest that disabled people should be exploited in such a way!

Yesterday we had Political Marxism which made a thought-crime out of opposing the left's political and economic agenda. You must hate working people if you don't support the welfare state. But in the 1950s lesser lights in the Frankfurt School like Herbert Marcuse had the brilliant idea of extending the totalitarian method to cultural questions. Cultural Marxism says that if you don't support gay marriage you must hate gays. If you don't support free contraception you must hate women.

You can understand why the Cultural Marxists and the social justice warriors keep returning to the well, seeking out the offended and getting offended on behalf of the offended. It's so cool! It works so well! And it provides an endless opportunity for "activism," which is the praxis taught in today's secular seminaries offering Black, Women's, Hispanic Studies, etc.

But I think that they are creating a movement of rejection to oppose them.

The one thing that a society must do is stop the hotheads from getting riled up and attacking their neighbors, as in Hatfields and McCoys. The way society has done this is by abolishing the feud. You gotta problem with your neighbor? Go to court. Some young punk beat you up and robbed you? Call a policeman. Otherwise people will form local defense associations and take the law into their own hands.

But the left has developed a cunning exception to the doctrine of the government's monopoly on violence. They call it the "demonstration" or the "peaceful protest." They don't fool me. The average lefty rent-a-mob is in fact a show of force. It says: meet our non-negotiable demands or else.

The "permanent campaign" is another problem. Also President Obama's constant demonization of Republicans. President Clinton did this in a more cunning way by complaining about Republican opposition to his bi-partisan balanced budgets.

How did we get here?  In my view it started with the election of Ronald Reagan. For our liberal ruling class this was a jab in the solar plexus. How could such a thing happen? It was compounded by the Republican Congress of 1994. Talk about turning back the clock! Then there was the squeak-through-the-Supreme-Court election of 2000.  What Democrats and liberals learned from all that is that they had to pull out all the stops and fight twice as hard as the Republicans, or their inevitable victory of progressive liberalism would be wrecked on the shore of racism, sexism, bigotry and homophobia.

Maybe they'll succeed.  Maybe their culture war will vanquish the conservative middle class of career and marriage and children. Maybe their opponents will cower under rocks forever.

But my guess is that the liberal dynasty will crumble into ruin. Partly the failure will issue from the welfare state running out of money. But partly it will issue from the reign of injustice that every pompous ruling class creates. All political power ends in abuse and corruption.  All political power creates its own opposition, its head of rebellion. Liberals can't see this, because they are blinded by the klieg lights set up by their willing accomplices in the media to showcase their ideas and boost their leaders.

Liberals can't see the cruelty of demonizing small business people that don't want to cater gay weddings; they can't see the corruption of their green energy caper; they can't see the injustice of siccing the IRS on conservative grass-roots groups; they can't see the waste of big government programs. They are deluded by their narcissistic self-regard.

But the rest of America is not deluded. And in the end it will rise up against liberal injustice and end the power of the liberal dynasty of the educated elite.

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