Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dividing the Pie

The way you get kids to play fair is to tell them that one of them gets to cut the pie, but the other one gets to choose which piece.

But that is not the way that politics works.  In politics it's winner take all.  If you divide the electorate the right way then you get to run the government, and you get to rub the noses of the losers in it.  Whatever it is.

The only downside is that you make the losers really mad.  But that's not the end of it.  Eventually many of the people on the winning side get pissed off.

A politician is like a guy romancing a whole bunch of girlfriends at once.  Girls being girls they each think that she is the one he loves.  Until it turns out that only one or two get the weekend getaway to Vegas.  Hell hath no fury, etc.

The point of all politics is to divide, and the worst scandal in the world is the divisive and extreme politics of the guys in the other party.  Liberals make a way of life out of activism and protesting, but when the Tea Party arose and began protesting liberals were outraged by the divisiveness and the extremism of it all.  Naturally, conservatives return the compliment and experience most liberal political acts as divisive and extreme too.

So you can see that not only is politics division.  The whole point of it and the whole art of the politician, the political practitioner, is not just to divide but to define the other guys as beyond the Pale.  Not just Us and Them, but Good and Evil.

But don't despair, conservatives.  Let us get an encouraging word from Angelo Codevilla in War: Ends and Means. Says he: When you go to war you better have a strategy and it better be right.

In the context of the present race wars swirling around George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, the strategy is what, exactly?  Let us agree that the race card played against George Zimmerman back in 2012 worked for President Obama and got the black vote all ginned up for November.

But suppose you are a Hispanic.  Or suppose you are a moderate white woman (Let alone a moderate white man).  What do you think?  You think that for President Obama and the media you are outside the charmed circle.  You are not the girl that gets to go on those wild weekends in Vegas.  You are the girl that gets a booty call at 2:00 am.

It is said that George Zimmerman is/was an Obama voter.  You think he still is?  You think that a million young Hispanic guys aren't thinking about what might happen to them if they got into an altercation with a young black guy?  You think that millions of moderate white women, the ones that are supposed to hate division and political name-calling, aren't worried by the scenes of young blacks rioting in the street about Trayvon Martin?

The reason that politicians cool the rhetoric after the election is over is that they want the populace to be nice and peaceable most of the time.  They want them riled up at election time, because you need to rile people up to get them out to vote.  But after the election they want the people to do what they are told.

Ever since the 2000 election the Democrats have been running a "permanent campaign."  It certainly helped them get Congress flipped in 2006 and Obama elected in 2008.

But since then, I would argue, it has not worked so well.  After all, with all the divisive rhetoric the GOP won back the House in 2010 and the president got reelected with only a 4 point margin.  How's that divisiveness working, Barack?

Here's the thing.  The way that politics works, it is fairly easy to persuade the voters  after about 6-8 years that the government stinks and it's time for a change.  But when you are the government, when you are the ruling party, it is not so easy.  Too many people have been disappointed; too many pretty girls have seen other girls get the trip to Vegas.  Then the divisiveness game starts to cut against you.

They say that Republicans need to reach out to Hispanics.  But what if Obama and the media and the race industry is doing the Republicans' work for them?  What if all over the country this week Hispanics are thinking: Wow.  It looks like when the chips are down the Democrats are going to side with those lazy ass blacks instead of with me. (Polls tell us that Hispanics think blacks are lazy.  Whites do not).

The thing about politics and dividing up the pie is that most everyone ends up being disappointed.  That's why conservatives think we need less politics and less government.

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