Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Liberal Injustices

Liberals are the ruling class in America, and that means liberal injustice.  Political power gives you the ability to lean on the scales of justice, and what's the point of power unless you abuse it?

The greatest injustice of the liberal era is probably the demolition of the low-income family.  There is no mystery about how this has happened.  It is an artifact of the administrative welfare state.  When you set out programs of free stuff, which people can get by qualifying as needy, then people will find a way to qualify.  The result, as Charles Murray has demonstrated in Coming Apart, is that in the bottom 30 percent work and marriage has collapsed.  He means that lower-income men don't work and lower-income women don't marry.  Lower-income children typically don't live with their fathers.  Higher income folks like you and me?  The top 20 percent are married, they work and typically don't get divorced.  There is a simple word for this: unjust.

Almost as bad is the sequestration of workers' savings.  It's hard for employees to see this, but easy to see if you are an employer.  About 20 to 30 percent of the cost of labor goes to the government for a range of programs ranging from Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, disability.  Of course all these monies are for the people.  But the people don't get to direct those monies; they are sequestered by the government and only available to people when they qualify, by age or by situation, for a disbursement.  This means that people are enrolled in a forced savings program but during most of their working life don't get the benefit of their savings.  Suppose people put that 20-30 percent of income in a savings account.  If they are prudent they would have enough money in 10 years to start a business, enough money in 20 years to send a kid to college, enough money in 30 years to retire.  Instead the money is given to politicians so they can buy votes.  There is a word for the sequester of the worker's savings: unjust.

The third great injustice is the nationalization of education.  It means that the culture of the ruling class is the only culture allowed in the education of our children.  When the First Amendment proscribes an "establishment of religion" it is demanding a separation between church and state, between the moral/cultural sector and the political sector. But the education of children is clearly a moral/cultural task.  The German ideal of education is "Bildung," an untranslatable word that means "form" or "image," the forming or development of a human being.  It stands to reason that any parent should have the freedom to direct the education of their children independently of the state and the views of the political ruling class.  It stands to reason also that a ruling class will abuse the power to educate our children, to mold them into mindless supporters of the regime, and that is what has happened.  Liberals like the current system because they are the ones that get to set the educational agenda.  But there is a simple word for the education system in America: unjust.

There are six ways of looking at the monstrosity of our modern ruling class: its cruelty, its corruption, its injustice, its waste, its ignorance, and its delusion.  Today we have dealt with injustice.  There will be more to come.

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